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Who is Nick Tang?

I hate long stories but for anyone that is interested here is a short glimpse of my blessful life. 

I was born on in Saigon Vietnam.  At age 7 my mom, dad, sister and I escaped to America. On our journey to America we had to escape Vietnam and sneak into Thailand. On our fishing boat ride into Thailand we were captured by pirates. The pirates took everything from us. They were gonna kidnap my mom and sister and sell. My mom begged them and prayed to god in front of them to let us go. They let us go and somehow we made it back to the mainland and tried again. We eventually made it into Thailand and lived in a refugee camp for about a year. If you don’t believe in ghosts you should consider staying a night at a refugee camp.

At age 9 I arrived in nj. My mom and dad knew little to no English so it was hard for them to get a job. My dad worked selling hot dogs at the green in Morristown NJ for about 4 years while going to night school and college to get his degree. My mom worked as a waitress at a Japanese restaurant in the evening while being a stay at home mom. We lived for 5 years in a 1 bedroom apartment located at 12 prospect street in Morristown NJ.

My Companies

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Over the years I have developed a few different companies to help not just my team but clients to accomplish their goals.  If you are looking to get started in real estate investing education, invest with us or have a deal you want to sell to us please reach out through one of the channels below.

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